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The Gift

There is a friend I have that I must call a cyber friend since we met on Instagram, of course only in image and writing. Her name is Linda. She has several gifts, but her most wonderful and captivating and mesmerizing and emotionally grabbing gift is her writing. She just posted a most amazing photo that in it self was just stunning. It was a winter scene of an evening in northern Sweden, all the trees heavily with snow and the most magical pink light, it was almost unreal. But what was the most spectacular thing about this was Linda's words, her story below the photo. And just about the most mundane things. I bet she could write about just anything and still make it magical and make you feel just like you are there. I bet she could even write about small precision pumps or how to make rope and it still be captivating....

Linda went on to simply describe her day, how she had been knitting some socks and how her mom had been cleaning some just caught fish. They had been putting out some vegetable scraps for the deer, how her little nephew had found it rather boring and hopped on to a snow sled and swished down the snowy hill...how someone had brought in more wood for the fireplace and someone else had picked up the lego of the floor. Some went to her sisters to eat tacos, they talk about how they like to be able to travel in time for vacation rather then always go to the same old vacation places, how about going to the middle ages, or any other time in history, how would it work and how would the time machine look like? She ended by saying it was just a simple thursday but oh how beautiful. What a gift.